The Top 3 Free Online Games For iPhone and Android

If you’ve ever wanted to play some fun online games with friends and/or family, then this is the place to start! There are just so many wonderful online games out there, from simple fun flash games to advanced role playing games, strategy games, puzzles, and more. The internet is literally teeming with exciting, funny, creative, and challenging online games. In no time at all you’ll be able to find just the right game for you.

As I said, there are just too many free online games to list here. However, I’m sure you have come across some that are absolutely hilarious and worth playing. To help you out, I’ve written a few of my personal favorites. Enjoy! Learn more information about Judi Online.

My first option is probably going to be flash games. Why? Because they are very easy to understand and to play. The main reason I mentioned earlier that there are so many different types of online games is because each one has its own unique purpose, whether it’s playing a puzzle to knock down an enemy, playing a sports game to compete with friends or family, or even playing a puzzle to test your logic skills and thought process. If you enjoy playing flash games, you’re in luck. Below, I’ve listed my top three favorite online games that you can play today.

First is old school RuneScape, which is one of my favorite free online game. Anyone who’s played RuneScape will tell you how addicting and exciting this game can be. RuneScape features a free account that allows you to play against other RuneScape members for currency, rewards, and game points. It’s great because it’s not only Free but also cross-platform compatible with mobile devices and smart phones.

Number two on the list is another free online game that I’m personally a big fan of: kiloo. If you haven’t heard of kiloo, it is the new kid on the block when it comes to mobile gaming. Although the term may be new, you’re sure to have fun playing it once you get a chance. A good feature about Kiloo is that it supports a variety of gaming platforms, including both mobile devices and the popular Smart Phone.

My third and final option for the top 3 free online games is called Phylon. This is an application that gives you an amazingly realistic recreation of a virtual defense base. Once you install the application onto your computer, it gives you a wonderful interface to build up your forces and fight off the invading aliens. Like RuneScape, it has a few requirements such as at least 5 MB of space and a Wi-Fi connection. It’s one of the best online free games available. If you want something truly unique and don’t have much money to spend on expensive downloads, give Phylon a try.

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