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Bora-Care Pre-Construction Termite Services

Pre-Construction Termite Services is becoming increasingly popular as termites threaten to take over your house and property. The need for a professional Termite Control firm is vital if you want to save your home from a slow degradation caused by these bugs. Termites have been increasing in population for the past thirty years and have become extremely resilient when it comes to invading houses and properties. If left unchecked, they will continue to cause major damage to homes until proper pest management solutions are sought.

Termite treatments are available today from reputable pest control companies. Professional pest control companies can offer services before construction commences and throughout the building process. This ensures that they will be prepared to handle any issues that may arise due to termite infestation. The benefits of hiring an experienced termite treatment company include a fast solution to any termite problems. This is essential in preventing further damage to your building as well as your wallet.

Most reputable pest management companies provide on-site, in-home or sos exterminating services. You should always choose an established and respected pest company with a proven track record of success and outstanding service in providing pre-construction termite services. Once a home or building is under construction, professional companies often offer a free termite inspection where they will check for termites while your home or business is being built. They can also conduct additional inspections once the home or business is finished to ensure the termites have been fully eradicated.

There are many methods of treatment available from baits, to powder or gel applications. Baits are applied regularly over a period of time to prevent the population from multiplying. For those homes on the pre-construction market, professionals may also recommend a powder or gel treatment for those who want to avoid the application of baits. These treatments are designed for use during the development stage of a building and are usually used to fumigate all interior wood surfaces. Powder or gel applications are applied to wood surfaces as soon as they begin to appear and will need to be reapplied after treatment each month for the first month after the home or building is finished.

There are many advantages to using a sos exterminator to provide pre-construction termite services. First, it is more cost-effective. An experienced contractor will already be familiar with the correct chemical combination and monitoring techniques to apply the most effective treatment options. Secondly, when using an experienced, reputable professional, you will know that you are being treated safely, and that your home or building will be protected from future infestations. Lastly, using sos exterminators to prevent new construction from developing termites can ensure that your home is completely protected from this extremely dangerous insect. You may find that hiring a professional company for termite control is the better option, especially if the property has been vacant for a while.

Homeowners who have recently built a home or recently added a building to their property should invest in their own professional pest control services. Pest control companies can provide several services that include bora-care pre-treatment, dry rot treatments, and post-treatments. A reputable company will be able to provide several different types of baits, including wooden chips, paper products, and baits in the form of granules that can be stuck into cracks and crevices. Baits should be applied before the bugs move in to the structure and should be used every month after the initial treatment to prevent new colonies from growing. Contractors who specialize in pre-construction termite services and post-treatments will also have the expertise to make sure that your home or commercial property is properly sealed against these insects once they are inside. You can get more information about termite control Anthem

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