How To Automate Print Jobs

You may have heard of print automation or even industrial automation but you are probably unaware of what is it and how it can benefit your business. You may also be wondering what kind of products or services are made possible through its use. This article aims to provide a clear overview of the technology and its applications. What it does is automate the printing process by reducing the physical and time-consuming tasks involved in producing business documents, reports, manuals and other printable items. By automating print related tasks, it allows the operators to focus on delivering quality work.

Automate print involves the implementation of various print technologies that aim to improve the overall productivity of the company. Each technology has different functions but they all work to achieve one goal – that is to make the production process more efficient, economical and timely. These technological solutions take various forms. Some of these include the following:

o Compression printing. The concept of automation here refers to the usage of machines to compress the size of the print jobs before they are sent to the printers. This will allow the operator to create more batches of prints in a shorter amount of time. Since many of the print jobs are already compressed, the operator will only need to focus on the printing processes that remain unchanged – such as toner loading, drying and lamination.

o Duplicate printing. Another form of automation is the implementation of a process that will duplicate a print job so that a new one can be created once the old one is done. A duplicated print job basically means another copy of an existing document that can be done in an automated manner. This works especially well for long print jobs that must be replicated hundreds or even thousands of times in order to ensure that the document looks exactly the same as the original.

o Laser printing. This type of automation is used mostly for high volume print jobs. Its main advantage is that it allows the printer to print faster than possible using traditional techniques and reduces costs associated with manual print jobs. The process involves using a beam of laser light to print on paper. The laser basically cures the printhead over again so that each copy is a true, exact copy of the original. However, this process can also be very tedious because of the repetitious nature of the tasks.

Automation has become very useful in the field of print-related tasks. Some of the more common automation processes are mentioned here. These are just some of the more common methods used today to make printing a lot easier and more efficient. These auctions, via sites such as postgrid are also available online.

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