Manned guarding security officers and company guards

Technological advances in the security business in recent years have led many companies to scale back their manned guarding in favour of CCTV and remote monitoring. However, at Total Guard, we believe that no matter how innovative your technology, you can’t beat the level of safety and security that having a physical security guard presence offers to many different types of business. Our security guards are fully SIA-licensed and understand the importance of protecting all aspects of a business without causing disruption or interference.

If you require one-to-one, VIP level security, then be sure to read about our close protection service. At 1st Class Protection, we are proud to deploy manned guarding London security officers and company guards, who come with a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to guard and protect a location and the people on site. Many of our company guards come from an Armed Forces and Policing background.

My staff and other customers of his that I know are always quick to comment on Andy’s politeness and professionalism and I’ve yet to come across anyone who has a bad word to say about him. I have known Andy Bannon of Metroguard for approximately twenty years during which time we have built up a really good working relationship. We met when I was the Manager of a Bar that Andy used to be an exclusive security contractor for in Covent Garden London. Andy is a very honest, reliable, respectable, knowledgeable and outgoing person and is an excellent communicator. Key cards/ or keys help you to access or restrict individuals to specific rooms in offices. Wordfence is a security plugin installed on over 4 million WordPress sites.

Rebranded and re-established in 2019, Supreme Guarding Services Ltd is proud to offer a complete range of Security Guard services delivered by our team of fully SIA licensed trained officers . We add value to your security provision by giving our staff industry leading management, support and training. Our dynamic and streamlined business means that we can react quickly and decisively to the changing needs of your business, and so can our people. We provide management support 24/7, and full control room, operations admin and payroll support to our officers.

We offer our security services to a wide range of sectors including construction, office, industrial, retail, schools, colleges and local authorities. We can also provide car park security and security guards for one-off events. The manned guarding industry is constantly evolving, and we are pushed each year to provide more value for money for our clients, whilst striving to provide a challenging and rewarding environment for our employees. We really understand why our security services are so critical to the day-to-day operation of your business, but we also understand their longer-term strategic importance. Our security teams offer 24/7 protection of your corporate property, including 24/7 CCTV to make sure that all measures are in place to prevent crime and theft.

Together you will identify set landmarks en route which our officers will photograph as they patrol to provide up to date imagery of the state of your site as they go. We believe that our extensive security guard program of training, support and development is unsurpassed in our industry. Our security guards are licensed with the SIA, vetted to British Standard BS 7858 and checked against the DBS database.

Click here to see how our services have been successfully keeping our clients safe and secure. They have the opportunity to interact directly with the public allowing them to be ambassadors for the local authorities they work on behalf of. They can provide immediate responses to questions or concerns, while following through with any complaints and reporting issues to the proper departments. Travelling either in fully marked vehicles or on foot our officers are available to respond to any incident that may occur.

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