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Halal M-PESA also enables our customers to save safely whilst complying to Sharia laws. Savings accounts contribute to strengthening our customers’ credit scores, giving them better access to financial services. From digital currencies, to new payment methods and self-service, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to payment trends.

Each vendor is a little different with how it uses its payment gateway, so be sure to know what offering you’re receiving. The PayPal Here mobile payment app enables businesses to use PayPal’s online payment methods from their physical locations. The app accepts a variety of credit and debit card payments, and also has a cash and cheque recording feature to keep all the day’s earnings in one place.

Businesses need a flexible payment solution to make it easier for customers to complete transactions. Today, the best payment solutions go well beyond just taking credit cards. With ever-increasing advancements in technology, businesses can now choose various methods, tools, and platforms for accepting payments. Touch ID in the form of a fingerprint scan or PIN input makes mobile payments more secure than a physical credit card. click here to read

When you’re looking for mobile payment processing services, you’ll need to comb through the available options to see which best fits your specific business needs and payment goals. Since customer information is stored in mobile payment apps, coupons or discounts can quickly and easily be sent out to specific customers to reward repeat purchases. You don’t need to buy expensive point of sale (POS) equipment or paper and ink due to the ability to email receipts.

The process of accepting payments is pretty straightforward with this method. Peer-to-peer (P2P) payment apps like Bizum also use mobile payment technology to let users send money to friends or family members and pay for purchases in-store and online. These solutions combine the ubiquity of the SMS channel,[17] with the security and reliability of existing payment infrastructure.

On one front, we’re moving toward more secure, authenticated ways to process payments. And on another, we’re moving toward faster, more convenient ways to pay. Brands like Starbucks and CVS have created apps that allow you to save payment information and favorite products, so you can refill a prescription or order your favorite coffee drink with the tap of a button.

M-Koba is a service enabling customers to safely store and manage funds within a group. Across Africa, it is very common for customers to form groups as a mechanism for helping to save and access funds. The ways these groups work vary, but they often provide extra motivation and rigour to put funds away, and by collecting across multiple people they can provide support in accumulating lump sums. Customers can access an overdraft facility on M-Pesa to support them to make payments when they don’t quite have enough balance on their account. Get in touch and see how Worldline Tap on Mobile can change the way your customers pay.

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