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We not only offer up to date leading edge security service delivery, but are proactive in establishing new and improved standards and technological advances within our industry. With a focus on client satisfaction, we strive to provide hassle and worry free security solutions. Thirty years later, when Ron’s son, Michael, joined the leadership of NBI, he created a separate division specifically focused on protection, security, and risk mitigation services, and MPS Protection & Security was born. It continued to grow in the next three decades and became the highest revenue earning sector of the organization. Unfortunately, leading up to the referendum there was a lot of scaremongering, propaganda and of course ‘fake news’ from both leave and remain campaigns. And since the apparent shock result, project fear and project fantasy have been in full swing.

However, none have compared to the level of service and protection provided by MPS Security. Their guards are highly trained and always on alert, and their attention to detail is unparalleled. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of top-notch security services. In 1967, Ron Julian, a Navy veteran and former law enforcement officer, opened the first office of National Business Investigations in Fullerton, California providing general investigative and protective services. We can provide guard and Courtesy patrol services tailored to fit virtually any specific need, and we are particularly adept at providing last minute and temporary services. Our corporate staff has many years ofexperience in the private security industry and would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you might have about improving the security for your company.

Our armed officers have received many hours of classroom training and have been range qualified. They receive continuing education and license renewals every two years. Our retail security guards will monitor your business to ensure a safe environment that keeps employees honest, attracts customers and reduces risks off when facing external threats.

MPS Security Services, Inc. an independently owned and operated security company, provides contract patrol and guard service to businesses throughout the greater Houston area. Having been in the security industry since 1988 and working for national security companies, the realization of the need for personalized safety and security services was apparent. We give our clients the personalized attention they desire and deserve. Guard service is available 24 hours, seven days a week to meet your individual needs.

MPS Security provides security services, including executive and uniformed agents in Las Vegas, Nevada. Westminster Security estimates that at a cost of around £250m a year to provide all MPs with close protection, it’s unlikely to ever happen or gain support from the public. However, we believe we are best placed to provide such services if required. Despite increased attacks, spending on MPs security is down this financial year to £3.5m compared with £4.5m in 2017 – 2018. But who should pay for said protection for MPs, Themselves? Ultimately, it would be the British taxpayer who foots the bill.

There are also vast varying standards throughout the private close protection industry, the above-seasoned professionals aside; many not only have zero close protection experience and zero security experience but also zero life or work experience to boot. Many have conducted free training courses organised and paid for by the jobcentre and various other back-to-work funding schemes. They have little to no knowledge or interest in the security industry, nor have they ever been tested under pressure in real life-threatening situations like the police and military have throughout their careers. You can almost guarantee they would buckle and fail at the first hint of danger.

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