Pros and Cons of Playing Free Online Games

Best for: People who love online games and free online games are most in demand. Various varieties of Free Online Games: Mobile (app Store, Google Play), computer browser (Chrome, Safari) and social networking (Facebook, Twitter). Games vary from time to time. Some of the popular free online games are Temple Run 2, Manhunt, Linea I and II, Spelunky, Tower Defence, Backgammon, Tetris and many more. In addition, some of them are free to play and a few are promotional.

Pros and Cons: Gaming pros and cons differ with several games like shooting, role playing and racing being more pros than cons. Moreover, free online games have several advantages over real world gambling, as there is no possibility to meet people who like same games you do or worse there are no physical gambling houses to get addicted to. Nevertheless, gaming pros cannot deny that gaming requires concentration and strategic thinking, and also some problem solving skills.

Cons: Gaming pkv judi qq pros cannot deny that free online games require brainpower, concentration, and also some logic. Many believe that free online games require brainpower and logic, but it does not seem so. Many computer users can complete big tasks like puzzles and riddles without thinking much. The answer lies in the fact that some of them are based on probability, while others need logical thinking and analysis. Puzzles and riddles require critical thinking, and solving them requires analytical skills. Moreover, while they are fun and interesting, they have one downside – you have to pay for them.

Big Fish, Zynga, Microsoft and Playfish are few names that top free online games list. They have produced successful online games, but some of them were not successful because of bad game design, bad marketing strategies, and lack of proper strategies. On the other hand, several gaming experts and game enthusiasts argued that some problems like multiplayer games’ interface and graphics had nothing to do with its success. Moreover, gaming is a free activity, which means that millions of people worldwide play it. Some even said that the rapid popularity of multiplayer games is a result of globalization.

Pros: If you think that free online games’ biggest challenge lies in poor graphics and poor game design, you’re wrong. Some gaming experts and enthusiasts said that it’s all about a big selection, a big variety of games, great features and the ability to play several games at once. You can choose your favorite game from the huge list of free games and play it several times before you’ve finished it.

If we look at all the pros and cons together, I’m sure you’ll come to a conclusion as to why online PC games are getting more popular day by day. Free PC games are very easy to play, and they are fun and entertaining. Many people prefer free online games because it saves their time and money. If you want to play an amazing game, pay a few bucks for it, or download it for free, you can do it without any problem.

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